Aric and Maya B. Austin TX
I hired Refael for two separate jobs. The first time I hired him for mostly electrical work and light fixtures in my new house. He added three spot lights with dimmer in my office; 5 new light fixtures along living room perimeter, with dimmer; replaced fluorescent kitchen light with track lighting and added 3-way switch; 3 pendant lights over the bar (and sealed up drywall where previous light was); decorative lights on wall next to bathtub, spotlight over shower, spotlight over guest tub, and 3 new vanity fixtures; dining table lighting. Also he ran in-wall speaker wiring for the entire home theater, including wires to surround speakers (via attic) and subwoofer RCA cable in-wall. Lastly he ran CAT-6 network cable from my router (in the office) to the living room TV area. The second job I hired him for was painting and carpentry. Refael helped me choose a design pattern for the bedroom paint, and then painted my bedroom, master bath, and living room, as well as taught me to paint so I could do the other rooms myself. Next, he built window casing (frames) for 10 windows: 4 in living room, 3 in dining, 3 in master bedroom. Finally he installed two new ceiling fans.
Member Comments:
The results speak for themselves. The window casings look fantastic – they have given the house a modern, warm feel. The lighting fixtures and dimmers are great. The home theater speakers are mounted beautifully without even an inch of exposed speaker wire – truly a professional home theater speaker installation. The paint job is exceptional. Refael is very attentive to detail, and he offers good advice on both the technical and creative aspects of interior design.


Linda R. Austin TX
For three years Refael Eizraelov has been performing a variety of renovation services at my home and also in my yard. I always have felt completely safe with Refael working in my home. He is completely trustworthy and does a stellar professional job. One thing that impressed me about his work ethic is he explains his building strategies and gives his customer options based on cost and time. He strives to “get it right”. He has a strong skill set from landscaping structural design, painting, electrical, tiling, flooring, woodwork/structure to plumbing. I highly recommend Refael for your renovations or construction. Linda Raymer

Linda R.


Sherry F.Austin TX
I write this letter with enthusiastic praise for the work on Mr. Refael Eizraelov In January I contracted Mr. Refael Eizraelov to do some preparation work and painting in my master bedroom and bathroom. I had learned about Mr. Eizraelov through a friend for whom he had done quite a bit of work inside and outside her home.

I made an appointment with Mr. Eizraelov, who arrived at the appointed time, viewed the area to be painted, discussed with me how long he thought the job would take, and sent an estimate the next day. We agreed on the work, including rate per hour and the supplies Mr. Eizraelov would supply.

Mr. Eizraelov began work almost immediately. He moved furniture; removed drapes and pictures on the walls; taped ceiling, baseboard, windows, and doors; applied drop clothes securely to the floor; and repaired nail holes in the walls. He began painting the same day, and finished the two rooms in 2 ½ days, a half day sooner than he had estimated.

I could not be more pleased with the work. The paint is beautiful and the work professional. I would highly recommend Mr. Eizraelov to anyone seeking the work of a painter or carpenter, or even for larger jobs. I will definitely hire him again!

Brenda M.


A friend of mine recommended Refael to help me correct an assortment of repairs needed to my house. From the moment I contacted him to set up a meeting, Refael was courteous, professional, efficient and respectful. He spent nearly 3 hours with me going over all of the needed repairs, taking photos, making notes to himself, making recommendations and discussing options. He ultimately came up with a solution to two of the problems that involved re-using materials that were already part of the house, thereby reducing waste and recycling good materials. The effort he put into understanding my goals was an ongoing process, and he never failed to stop what he was doing to go over a detail or talk about where we were in a project. His workers were friendly, respectful and very knowledgable, and when a screen got damaged accidentally during siding replacement, the worker came back on his own time and replaced the screen at no charge to me.
Refael runs a tight ship, his energy is unfailingly positive, and his work is absolutely outstanding. I highly recommend that anyone who needs work done, big or small, contact him immediately and begin the process. You won’t be disappointed.


Rosie M.


Refael is very professional, very responsive. I was very pleased during the initial walkthrough that he listened and provided me detail information about how the job would be completed.  He definitely provides quality services and does things the right way.  I had some wall and carpentry repairs that I wanted done correctly and he made sure that they were.  I would recommend him to my friends and family.

Carol R.


I contacted Refael to get an estimate on a couple of small items.
He came by, made a thorough review of what I wanted and gave
me both a money estimate as well as a time estimate.  The actual
money estimate came in less than what was estimated.  His employees
were knowledgeable, hard working and respectful. They dismantled
my very old children’s wooden swing set and cut a large limb to
allow more light in the yard.  I believe Refael  is trying to run his
business by doing unto others as he would  have them do unto him.


Rebecca B.


Took the time to work out the best way to build the ramps and handrails I needed for my elderly parent. His work crew was so nice and helpful to her she didn’t want them to leave. I felt the job was completed so much nicer than I could ever imagine. I have already recommended them to friends and have asked for them to do some work on my home.


Natalie Y.


I have called Rafael for projects ranging from small to larger-scale. He and his crew are super professional, thorough, and strive to do things RIGHT. They never cut corners or use inferior products. And their prices are very reasonable. I completely trust them with any project I have! A few things they completed were: putting together furniture (having it put together by a professional with cabinetry experience and wood glue makes a big difference!), fixing electrical outlets, repairing a warped privacy fence, trouble-shooting a broken outdoor lighting system, installing exterior flood lights, regrouting shower tile, and more! Everything was done perfectly, on time, and within the quoted price. Plus, they know how to do anything you could imagine – so much more than the name “handyman” suggests! It’s great to have found someone who I can trust to do things right!


Dory W.


We recently relocated from Dallas to Austin and at the suggestion of our real estate broker, contacted The Heavenly Handyman, owned by Refael Eizvaelov. Our project was challenging since we lived 250 miles away and needed the work performed within 30 days, but the timing had to be perfect; after we closed on the house in Austin, but before we moved in, a span of only a few days.
Refael met our broker to get access to the house to work up a detailed estimate for re-painting the interior (all walls and ceilings) in our 3750 sq ft house with a palette of 7 decorator colors, repairing/texturing damaged ceiling, painting trim and baseboards throughout the house and cleaning tile grout in the kitchen, entry and bathrooms. He met with us (at our convenience on two different weekends) prior to the work beginning and stayed in close contact throughout the duration.  Refael was very personable and proved to be a knowlegeable contractor who was very detail oriented and trustworthy. Although we were 250 miles away, Refael had complete access to our home after closing so he and his crew could begin the work. He took on the responsibility of checking some home inspection items to verify the work was done for us and even coordinated the carpet install since we were out of town. Refael and his crew did a great job; they were meticulous in how they approached their work and worked diligently into the evenings and on the weekend to get the job done. We were thrilled when we finally arrived and saw the work they had done.  The interior of our home was completely transformed and looked brand new. Our circumstances required that we take a leap of faith and we couldn’t be more pleased that we did so. The overall experience and the end result exceeded our expectations and we recommend Refael without hesitation. In the spring, he will be back to transform the exterior of our home.


Susanne K.


My daughter’s balloon got stuck in our ceiling fan which is way too high for our ladder to reach.  I was bummed to have to call someone for something so silly, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise.

When I called Refael, he informed me that he does bill by the hour (at a very reasonable rate!)  but since he said that the balloon would likely just take a couple minutes, he suggested putting together a list of all the other things that needed to be done around the house that he could do in that hour.  Since we just moved into our house a few weeks ago, we had a pretty sizable list – shower heads that needed fixing, a loose back door lock that needed fixing and a bunch of towel bars that needed to be hung…he was done with the fan and the whole list within the hour.  To top it all off, as he was leaving he noticed a problem with our screen door and fixed that too, off the clock.
Oh, and he’s super friendly and nice with kids and pets too.
I highly recommend Heavenly Handyman.


Brian W.


We are new homeowners, and when our to-do list around the house got out of control, we called up Refael the heavenly handyman, and he really saved the day! In the last month he has helped us out with everything from little jobs like hanging blinds to bigger things like repairing our fence, lighting and electrical, plumbing, and some carpentry. He is friendly, professional, and hard-working. We highly recommend him as an awesome affordable handyman!


Eyal L.


Refael worked for me and my wife in our new house and also rennovated our Investment Property from start to finish to fix it for a Make Ready move in. Refael is one of a kind. He is a  unique professional that not only perform all kind of Hanyman jobs at a high level but also perform it according to the projected time table (which honestly is really hard to find with regards to contractors and Handymen these days…) Obviously, this is very important for keeping the cost low and as planned. I’m a Civil Engineer and I can tell you that you can have a very talented discussion with him, and he will take the time and explain you everything you need to know regarding the work needs to be done. Highly recommended.


Nadav S.


Refael has worked on several projects at our house in Austin, TX, from remodeling the master bathroom to a new dream kitchen for my wife and I.  He is a highly professional individual and excellent at executing home projects.  His forte!  He will take his time to explain and work with you… which we appreciated!  Highly recommended.


Carol P. Lafayette CO
Refael, you know that we will give you the greatest recommendation. We really appreciate all your great work and Paul says that he has never seen a better pain job. That goes double for all the additional work such as the dry wall repair and the fireplace mantle. We also appreciate all the incidental things that most people in your field do not even notice.

Your work ethic, workmanship, and the quality are beyond reproach!
Best of luck in DC.


Lazarus Family Maryland
Dear Refael,
Just when I needed to find help with some projects around the house and thought that there is no one out there that can meet my needs you wrote in confidence that you “believed you were the man for the job” and you were right!

Thank you for doing a wonderful job putting the recess lights in out basement and making our walls look like they should . but most of all I love the heart and care you put into the project, I loved the time you took to explain and share your knowledge and you always did it on your time, not the customer time.

you came on time, you met the deadline, you were ethical and always with a smile.
your next customers will be lucky to have you.

Wish you stayed longer as I am sure you would have had many more happy clients and we also valued your friendship.

I do wish you best of luck and hope you will stay in touch. If any one wants to email me with questions about your work please have them email the E.address below. they can leave me their # and I will call them when I can.
The Lazarus Family.

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  1. Ricardo says: - reply

    Refael has done a number of projects around my house. His work is of outstanding quality. He is very responsive, transparent in his estimates, and most importantly very honest, trustworthy and thorough. For first time homeowners he eliminated the anxiety of being taken advantage of by a contractor that would charge us an excessive amount of money on a repair that would not merit a big expenditure. He is extremely knowledgeable on just about anything, plumbing, electrical, tiling etc. You name he’ll probably know it. He is without a doubt the first person I would call if there is anything that needs to be repaired, fixed or installed. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a trustworthy handyman. Give him a call, tell him I sent ya!


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